Impact of air pollution on children when their school is along a highway

September 17 2019 : CBC aired video, audio and web articles about the air and noise pollution in schools along the highways. Here are excerpts and links :

“One hundred and twenty seven (127) primary and secondary schools in Greater Montreal are within a hundred and fifty metres of busy roads, a zone that health authorities in Quebec and elsewhere have deemed hazardous to sensitive people.”

Ultra-fine particles concentrated near roads

” The area immediately next to busy roads has been found to have high concentrations of ultra-fine particles (UFPs). Pollutants too small to be filtered by the nose and trachea often make it inside the lungs. “

“From school administrators to senior staff, these issues have not been raised by any of these schools,” EMSB spokesperson Michael J. Cohen wrote in an email.

Marguerite-Bourgeoys School Board, which has six of its hundred and thirteen primary and secondary schools near busy roads, including Beaconsfied Primary, responded similarly. 

There is little distance between the schoolyard at LĂ©onard-de-Vinci school in Montreal and the busiest highway in Quebec, Highway 40. (Sudha Krishnan/CBC)

This is the Web page prepared by CBC News – Sept 17 2019

This is the audio prepared by CBC News Radio – Sept 17, 2019
This is the video prepared by CBC News TV – Sept 17 2019

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