Measure the noise impact at your home

Noise measurement tool to “see” the impact

Some say they are not affected by the noise level stemming from the highway. They believe in what they see, and since the harm is invisible, they say noise does not bother them. They forget that the impact is real and cumulative over years (both for noise and air pollution). Here is a simple way to “see” the noise level.

Take your smart phone or your tablet and go where you can download apps. Search for a “Decibel meter” app. You will be presented with many apps : Some are free, such as Soundprint, Decibel X, Sonometre, Decibel Meter. Other apps come at a fee.

Find the one you feel at ease with and go outside of your house on a weekday around 8 AM or 6 PM. Go on the side where the highway is. Start the app and watch the results. Look at the needles moving when a train is added in the environment..

Please note :

  • This mesurement is instantaneous. The measurement refered to by the Environment specialists and by the Government is an average measure over twenty four (24) hours. So, that includes the relatively low levels of the night.
  • An app on a phone cannot be as precise as the scientific equipment used by the authors of the studies.

Following is the general evaluation grid used by the MTQ (1987 and 2010) when measuring the noise levels along the Highway 20 :

This is the grid used to evaluate the noise levels : Below 55 dBA is weak, 60 dBA to 65 dBA is average, and beyond 65 dBA is strong and requires mitigation.

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