Baie d’Urfé gets a sound wall. What about Beaconsfield?

Baie d’Urfé gets a sound wall paid 50% by the MTQ and 50% by the city’s surplus. For the mayor of Baie d’Urfé this is a health decision to protect her citizens.

In Beaconsfield, the proposal is 75% for the MTQ and 25% for the city. But the mayor is talking about difficulties, costs overruns and delays. To him this is a decision about money.

In June 2019, the mayor of Beaconsfield has announced a surplus of 10 Millions $ from the welcome tax over the last 5 years. So the city has the money,

10 Millions in surplus over 5 years !

The mayor wants to quash this project with a loan referendum where he will ask “Do you want to pay for a sound wall ?” to those who will NOT benefit from that noise protection…

But the mayor of Baie d’Urfé can use the city’s surplus without asking for a referendum?

About 23% of the Beaconsfield population is sick because of the noise and air pollution near the Highway 20. That is 4,500 citizens, including 2,500 kids, most of them located less than 20 meters from the highway in their homes, in a primary school, in a daycare, in a high school and an academy.

The citizens of Beaconsfield waited for 35 years to resolve this HEALTH ISSUE.

So it seems the mayor of Beaconsfield wants to save the money and get re-elected without considering the health of those citizens and those kids who are suffering in this polluted area.

We say that this is a Public Health issue, and therefore the highest priority project for our city.

PS Thank you GLOBAL NEWS for covering this story.

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