2000 Signatures For The Noise Barrier, But The Mayor Stays Walled Up

Credits : CBC News and Global News
Credits : CBC News and Global News


Monday, August 2021, we delivered a copy of our petition for

  • building the noise barrier on the South side, and
  • the preliminary evaluation by engineers of the requirements to mitigate the noise on the North side.


[32:00 to 44:30] The petition included 2,000 signatures (and is still open on this web site and in person). This means 2,000/14,000 voters = 14,2% of the voters in Beaconsfield are in favor of those two objectives.


The mayor (did not) answered with his usual pitch about the procedure to be followed.

Speaking for the councilors, he did NOT answer to our question “do you agree that the A-20 and train tracks cause a major HEALTH issue to one third of the population of Beaconsfield?

The mayor tried to downplay this issue by saying that only the residents of about 300 houses are hurt were the noise level in beyond 70dBA. The reality is that as early as 1999, the WHO defined the dangerous zone at 65 dBA and therefore more than 6,200 citizens of Beaconsfield live in a zone of great danger to their health

[1:04:30 to 1:12:00] – a very interesting exchange between a citizen and Mr Bourelle

The citizen tried to have the mayor say what is the criteria to have a referendum when we are talking about a health issue. He also added that THERE SHOULD NOT BE ANY VOTE ABOUT THE HEALTH OF ONE THIRD OF THE POPULATION. A health issue must be corrected or mitigated. Period.

The mayor answered he is not a doctor (!..!). But the WHO studies clearly demonstrated the major health issues met by those living within 300 meters of as highway and/or a track.

You do not need to be a doctor to understand that!


Here are the news clips which covered this event (Credits CBC News and Global News)

CBC Daybreak Tuesday morning (August 24 2021) :


Article on the Global siteĀ :

CBC news clip on Monday night (August 23 2021)


Global news link on Monday night (August 23 2021) :

Beaconsfield mayor responds to protesters demanding swift action on sound wall – Montreal | Globalnews.ca

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  1. I am in favor of the wall!! I’ve been a resident for 59 years (50 Prairie Drive and now 113 Franklin.

    The highway is killing us.
    Al Boucher

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