The mayor shows his true colors

Last week-end I challenged the mayor about a statement he made about “keeping the taxes low”. I asked him 3 FACTS-based questions and provided the official documents as a proof.

  • How do you justify the two salary raises you voted yourself totalling 85% over 2015 to 2018?
  • Do you admit that there is a major health problem along the highway and the tracks?
  • Do you agree that the financial situation of the city is mostly due to multi millions$ of welcome tax which poured on to the city for the last 8 years and not your so-called “good management”?

From that point, he lost control and said I was a loser, then a bitter person, and finally, he made fun of me showing a picture of me which showed my belly.

Then, the fire consumed everything. The people’s reaction on that Facebook group was overwhelming. Everybody condemned him and shared his bad taste post.

And then, it went to the news. This topo on Global News was the first on Monday night and Tuesday morning!

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