Transport noise linked to dementia and Alzeimer

in Beaconsfield, noise hurts 6,000 citizens plus 2,000 kids in 3 schools and a kindergarten

Last week, Mr Bourelle said he didn’t see the sick people resulting from the noise. That is because most damage is done internally.

The following extracts are provided by our friend Caroline Laforest, from the “Beaconsfield Confidential” Group.

Transport noise linked to increased risk of dementia, study finds.“Research has consistently linked transport noise to health conditions including heart disease, diabetes and obesity, but studies on transport noise and dementia were scarce and small, and findings inconsistent. Now an “impressive” study involving two million adults, conducted over more than a decade, has concluded that people living in areas with transport noise face a higher risk of dementia, especially Alzheimer’s disease. The findings were published in the BMJ. [British Medical Journal](…)“

In this large nationwide cohort study, we found transportation noise from road traffic and railways to be associated with an increased risk of all-cause dementia and dementia subtypes, especially Alzheimer’s disease,” the researchers wrote.(…)

Possible explanations for why noise may affect health include the release of stress hormones and sleep disturbance, which lead to heart disease, changes in the immune system and inflammation – all of which are seen as being linked to the onset of dementia. The study was observational so did not establish cause, and it had a number of limitations, such as a lack of information on sound insulation in homes that may affect exposure to noise. However, its strengths included its large size, long follow-up time, and high-quality assessment of noise exposure.”

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