If your plumber says you do not have cancer…

You don’t believe him, of course.

When a bridge and road construction engineer tells us he “hasn’t heard of any study that links noise along the 20 to health problems” and the mayor takes those words to conclude that “there is no health problem along the 20” !!!

You should not believe them either. They don’t know what they are talking about.

Believe the experts


2 Replies to “If your plumber says you do not have cancer…”

  1. I heard the MTQ say that they, meaning the 2 guys presenting, had not done a study on the effects of the highway noise on health.

    1. True. They are Road Engineers. They know nothing about health. This is why the Letter written by the Chief Medical Officer of the Public Health Dept is so important. It says that there IS A MAJOR HEALTH PROBLEM ON BOTH SIDES OF THE HIGHWAY

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