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Hello to all,

At the last June city council meeting , the mayor refused to apply for grants for the construction of noise barriers north and south of the 20[1].

He even dared me about it, telling me to apply for such grants by myself.

I couldn’t believe it!

It is not up to a citizen, or even a citizens association, to ask for subsidies for such constructions.

I again appealed to the Public Health Department (DSP) of the Montreal region (part of the Ministry of Health and Social Services). The response[2] of Dr. David Kaiser, Chief Medical Officer at the DSP, was very important to our cause.

I took up the mayor’s challenge and I sent grant applications to all the organizations that seemed to me, directly or indirectly, to have to share the costs of such an undertaking.

Following are copies of the requests I sent to the following Ministries:

  • Environment Quebec
  • Environment Canada
  • Transport Canada
  • Transport Quebec (MTQ)
  • Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services

I am also preparing an application to the Montreal agglomeration.

Our federal and provincial deputies are always copied.

We are looking forward to the City Council on August 22, to hear their decision.

PS: If you read only one of these letters, I recommend the one to the MTQ which summarizes the historical situation.


We must convince them because they will vote to select the next steps

[1] See video City Councel Meeting, June 20, 2022, minute 21 :37 :

[2] See

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