Act now

There is a high level of activity recently because we are now at a defining moment : 

  • After all these years the MTQ (Ministère des transports du Québec) is about to deliver, by the end of 2019, a long awaited preliminary report on the final design, lanscaping, costs and impacts of the mitigation measures it had proposed in 1987, and again in 2010. (We are talking about a mix of soundwall and berms)
  • In 2015, the then-minister of the MTQ, Mr Poeti, proposed to Beaconsfield a very special deal : 75-25 where the MTQ would pay the largest chunk. Nearby cities hope for the same deal, instead of the regular 50-50 deal.

But, there is a but…

  • The mayors of Beaconsfield publically mentionned many times that they were against the resolution of that health issue. They do not want a wall !!

What a leadership ! To trade our HEALTH to get re-elected !

The current mayor even mentionned that :

  • We should move out of Beacondsfield if unhappy about that !
  • He plans for a referendum on building the sounsdwall !

Once again – What a leadership Mr Mayor of Beaconsfield ! !

Our opinion is that a referendum is illegal, you cannot have a referendum about the health of your citizens. It is an ISSUE OF PUBLIC HEALTH . The city has to deal with it, not hide it’s head in the sand behind a so-called democratic measure.