At what cost ?

You do not want to pay for the sound wall because you will not benefit directly from it?

Just remember this :

  • It’s a Public Health issue,
  • It’s a community issue, not a personal problem

We all pay for these services, whether we use them or not. :

  • the library,
  • the recreation center
  • the parks,
  • the pools, etc

If there is a pollution spill near your home or a flood caused by climate changes, you expect the community to take care of it, don’t you ? Even though it is not benefiting each one of us personnaly.

And for those fearing tax hikes, remember this:

  • In the last five (5) years Beaconsfield has accumulated more than 10 Million in operating surplus, thanks to the welcome tax (see the last sentence of the first paragraph of the following text). That means we could pay the wall in cash, without raising taxes;
  • In the last eleven (11) years, the city taxes on residential houses were lowered on average by 7,1%, The tax for the Agglo was raised by 32,5% . The problem with taxes is the lack of control over the Agglo taxes.