What solution?

There are solutions  according to the MTQ’s noise measurements reports (1987 and 2010) .

A wall made of absorbing sound material is required to restore a healthy environment for the several thousand residents. It should be 4.5 meters high, . This would cover all of the south side of Highway 20 in Beaconsfield, between Pointe-Claire and Baie d’Urfé (4.887 Km).

The noise will bounce back to the North side ?

No!  Sound reduction technology has advanced substantially over the years. It is currently possible to erect a wall that absorbs noise, preventing it from reverberating and affecting other individuals or properties.

The air-related health issues will be reduced by the wall ?

Yes! A recent study published in the “Annals of Thoracic Society” concludes that “reducing pollution at its source can have a rapid and substantial impact on health within a few weeks”

How much will it cost?

In September 2015, Robert Poëti, Minister of Transport of Québec, stated that “Beaconsfield residents have suffered long enough with this noise health problem”. He made to the City of Beaconsfield a one-time offer, for the construction of a sound wall along the south side of highway 20 in Beaconsfield.

In 2010, the MTQ’s proposal was evaluated at a total cost of twenty million $, with a special cost sharing of 75 % Quebec Government (i.e. fifteen million $) / 25% City of Beaconsfield. (i.e. five million $). According to the MTQ policy on noise along roads, the usual cost sharing formula is 50/50.

A 2022 re-evaluation by the MTQ more than doubled the expected cost. It remains to be seen how much the citizens should pay.